Jake's Famous Burgers

Jake’s Famous Burgers.

All burgers from the burger bar are served on an authentic brioche bun dressed with lettuce tomatoes homemade coleslaw and come with a side of chunky seasoned fries, beef burgers are all flame grilled 6OZ meats and chicken burgers are all 150G

The Hamburgini

The Hamburgini €9.50
Plain and simple – why complicate it?

Shelby GT500 Burger

Shelby GT500 €10.95
The mightiest mustang in the stable!
6OZ Beef, crispy bacon, sauté onions and cheddar melts

The Dodge Charger Burger

The Dodge Charger €10.95
This saloon is perfect for anyone in the family providing an unforgettable experience! 6OZ Beef, grilled pineapple, sauté onions and Hawaiian dressing

Ford Freakout Burger

Ford Freak-out €10.95

This is what happens when flavours explode! 6OZ Beef, Cheddar melt, BBQ sauce and battered onion rings

Ferrari Dino Burger

Ferrari Dino €12.95
The one for the family man! 6OZ Beef, +150G chicken Breast, loaded with cheddar, onion rings and taco sauce

Ford Falcon Burger

Ford Falcon €10.95
Grilled Cajun-spiced turkey burger, spinach, and egg and avocado dressing on a low-cal slimbo

Chevrolet Camaro Burger

Chevrolet Camaro €10.95
Old school American muscle power! The original southern fried crispy chicken breast

The V-Dub Veggie Burger

The V-Dub Veggie €9.95
Being cool just doesn’t mean looking cool! Crispy vegetable patty oozing with flavour and loaded with Cajun sauce – YUM!

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