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All burgers from the burger bar are served on an authentic brioche bun dressed with lettuce tomatoes homemade coleslaw and come with a side of chunky seasoned fries, beef burgers are all flame grilled 6OZ meats and chicken burgers are all 150G

The Hamburgini

Plain and simple – why complicate it?

Shelby GT500

The mightiest mustang in the stable! 6OZ Beef, crispy bacon, sauté onions and cheddar melts

The Dodge Charger

This saloon is perfect for anyone in the family providing an unforgettable experience! 6OZ Beef, grilled pineapple, sauté onions and Hawaiian dressing

Ford Freak-out

This is what happens when flavours explode! 6OZ Beef, Cheddar melt, BBQ sauce and battered onion rings

Ferrari Dino

The one for the family man! 6OZ Beef, +150G chicken Breast, loaded with cheddar, onion rings and taco sauce

Ford Falcon

Grilled Cajun-spiced turkey burger, spinach, and egg and avocado dressing on a low-cal slimbo

Chevrolet Camaro

Old school American muscle power! The original southern fried crispy chicken breast

The V-Dub Veggie

Being cool just doesn’t mean looking cool! Crispy vegetable patty oozing with flavour and loaded with Cajun sauce – YUM!